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Step 1 - Load bowl with a small amount of smokable product. Don't pack it tight. Good air flow is important.
Loading the Devil's Dream Pipe
Step 2 - Cover the drain hole with your thumb and fill the DDP with water.
Filling the Devil's Dream Pipe with water.
Step 3 - Twist on the cap and bowl. Tight, but not too tight. You will need to twist it back off quickly after smoke fills the pipe.
Twisting cap with loaded bowl onto the Devil's Dream Pipe.
Step 4 - Burn the contents of the bowl as you let your thumb off the drain hole. As the water drains smoke will fill up in the pipe.
Burning and producing smoke in the Devil's Dream Pipe
Step 5 - Cover the drain hole again before the water level reaches the drain hole. You want water to be covering the drain hole when you suck smoke out of the top.
Stopping draining water while using the Devil's Dream Pipe.
Step 6 - Twist off and remove cap, then suck smoke from the top. Don't let the smoke sit too long. It will go stale, and make you cough. Quicker the better.
Smoking from the Devil's Dream Pipe.

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